The Prep Team

Stephanie Llorente, APR


As the owner of Prep Communications, Stephanie’s days are filled with strategic planning, writing projects and team management. She thrives with hard deadlines and brings calm to a crisis – all while mothering two kids and a pup. Learn more about Stephanie here

Fun Facts
  • Cheerleader for career-minded moms
  • Often found in lakes, pools and oceans 
  • Believes stick shifts are better than automatics
  • Loves speaking Spanish

Amanda English


Gifted with administration, Amanda has never met a spreadsheet she didn’t love. Her background as a skilled auditor and talented photographer ensures Prep remains organized, creative and efficient. Learn more about Amanda here.

Fun Facts
  • Photographer extraordinaire 
  • Cat obsessed
  • Believes tea is better than coffee
  • Loves to hike the great outdoors

Sarah Hattman

Public Relations

This former TV news anchor loves to craft a good story. And, after working in a newsroom for a decade, you can trust that Sarah knows how to do it well. Learn more about Sarah here.

Fun Facts
  • Former news anchor
  • Twin mom +1
  • Believes in fully eliminating the Oxford comma
  • Loves a good beach day

Lauren Lisenby

Digital Communications

A coffee lover, plant-mama, gym nut and road trip enthusiast, Lauren enjoys encouraging everyone around her to create a balanced, healthy lifestyle. A true creative at heart, Lauren keeps brands aligned to their values, their content calendars, and their style guides. Learn more about Lauren here.

Fun Facts
  • A walking style guide 
  • Gym nut
  • Believes road trips and coffee create the best memories
  • Loves to create

Rachel Owen

Public Relations

As an experienced traveler, veteran’s wife, mother of two, and lifelong student, Rachel easily earns Prep’s “most well-rounded” award. Her love for learning, ability to relate to others, and love of the world’s many cultures helps her to meet clients exactly where they are and support them with unique perspectives.  Learn more about Rachel here.

Fun Facts
  • Mom of two and wife to a medically retired army veteran
  • Experienced traveler…40 states + many countries
  • Believes in living out her faith
  • Loves to learn