Why PR?

What is PR?

Good question. Our college textbooks tell us public relations is a strategic communications process that creates mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their target audiences. In reality, PR requires strategic relationship development, disciplined preparation, diligent message consistency, and…did we say relationship development?

To be clear, PR often gets confused with its close cousins: advertising, marketing and branding. While Prep’s core expertise is in public relations, we know the cousins well and can manage an integrated program requiring all disciplines.

Measuring Success

Successful communications programs start with clear goals and an understanding of how success will be measured. We understand the importance of your return on investment and take pride in identifying attainable goals that can be not only met, but measured.

When do companies need it most?

A common misconception is that companies need public relations in one of two circumstances: an unwanted crisis or desired publicity. Truth be told, public relations can serve organizations more effectively if PR principles are incorporated into annual operating plans as part of the organization’s ongoing business strategy. By creating a proactive communications strategy, companies are better positioned to preempt a crisis, identify media opportunities, establish a brand position…and so much more.

How do we get started?

Prep offers one free hour of consultation. We are happy to meet with Triangle clients face-to-face or chat with non-regional residents via phone, WebEx or Skype. Why not test the waters and see how PR might be helpful in achieving your business goals?

Contact us at (919) 271-6491 or info@prepcomm.com to schedule a meeting. We understand your time is precious. If Prep is not a good fit for your organization, we will not to waste your time convincing you that we are. We will even do our best to provide recommendations for alternative professional resources.

We look forward to meeting you!