About Amanda

Amanda English


Amanda English is the queen of productivity. At Prep, she is responsible for managing administrative tasks and backend details. From building media lists to managing websites and organizing meetings, Amanda supports the Prep team internally to ensure productive outcomes. 

Prior to joining Prep, Amanda worked as a quality control financial analyst at Duke University Health System where she audited the operations of the health system. She later transitioned to a senior auditor at Duke University auditing both the health system and university. Before her work at Duke, Amanda worked in public accounting at Grant Thornton, LLP as an internal audit and SOX consultant providing audit services to clients in the secondary mortgage market, insurance, software, telecommunication and government. 

In 2015, Amanda made a significant decision to leave corporate finance in order to grow her established photography business, Amanda English Photography, where she specialized in high-quality senior portraits.

She has volunteered her photography services for a number of nonprofits and enjoyed volunteering in her local community. Amanda holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in business administration with a concentration in finance from Florida Atlantic University.